Immersive Experiences

Our advanced approach to AR sets us apart from the competition. We aim to unleash the full promise of this technology, bringing to life large-scale interactive worlds, which feel like the next generation and incredibly convenient to use on handhelds and wearables.


Digital layer

We provide visual mapping and precise, context-aware content at specific spots, transforming physical locations into captivating digital exploration journeys.


Create immersive experiences, encouraging users to explore the physical world while enjoying interactive content, achieving goals, and making progress in the digital space.


Experience the allure of AR advertising, a powerful alternative to traditional marketing methods which boost conversions and surprise customers with interactive promotions.


Our solution paves the way to the chosen experiences, displaying the path in AR with real-time digital information to effortlessly explore vast spaces and areas.


From simple 3D model changing to creating entirely new applications, we provide various modifications and custom experiences to ensure a tailor-made solution just for you. 

of consumers plan to increase their use of AR
are likely to purchase after a Branded AR experience
think that AR will be a driven technology in shopping experience for the next five years
of marketers surveyed reported that they are already using AR
AR campaigns result in ~2x the level of visual attention compared to non-AR equivalents, leading to improved product memory and a stronger consumer response.


Discover the diversity of spheres benefiting from us.



Revolutionize gaming by turning the surroundings into an immersive playground offering new experiences for potential players, where they engage with virtual elements in real world.

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Elevate events by adding immersive content and interactive points of interest, motivating attendees to explore all areas, participate in scenarios and engage with exhibitors.

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Enhance tourism by offering immersive navigation and highlighting local attractions, providing engaging virtual guides that bring destinations to life for travelers.

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Boost retail by creating interactive and engaging content that captivates customers, enhancing brand communication through immersive shopping experience.

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Improve advertising by offering interactive, non-intrusive experiences, engaging consumers with immersive ads and promotions, boosting brand awareness in a memorable way.

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Our projects

Check the AR potential in the latest showcases.

Black Snow AR: Alien Shooter

Engage in an epic sci-fi adventure with our free-to-play mobile game, fully integrated with immersive AR technology. As you battle against alien invaders, command your own space fleet, and wield powerful weapons, you can also participate in a semi-open economy where you can own, trade and sell resources and assets. Experience the ultimate blend of gameplay and reality with our AR technology.

MOE Playground

The Playground offers customers a unique and engaging shopping experience through the use of regular smartphones. The platform seamlessly combines a mall map with AR content, allowing customers to fully immerse themselves in AR experiences as they explore the mall. This innovative approach has been proven to drive customer engagement and satisfaction in various use cases.

Unique features

What differs Black Snow from others?

Detailed 3D models
Entertaining gamification
Data gathering
Automatic activation
Intuitive guidance
Seamless AR to geo
Openness to Blockchain elements


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