Boost brand awareness with interactive AR scenarios located in physical stores, enabling customers to access special offers and interact with products in an entirely new manner.

AR shopping experience

Revolutionize the way to showcase products and engage customers, creating a sense of excitement and urgency around brands.

We bring

Immersive shopping

Personalized promotions

Location-based targeting

Increased foot traffic

Higher brand loyalty

Innovative ad approach

Digital promotion

Increase sales, even for brands that are not physically present in their stores thus creating fusion communication channels with customers. 

Black Snow features

Intuitive guidance

Seamless AR to geo 

Valuable data collection 

Custom promo materials 

Utilizing gamification  

Location-based AR Ads

Black Snow AR: MOE Playground

Experience the future of shopping with The Playground - combining a mall map with AR content for an immersive and unique shopping experience. This innovative approach has been proven to drive customer engagement and satisfaction in various use cases with our innovative approach that works seamlessly with smartphones.

Boost your shopping

Create the perfect immersive experience with our comprehensive tools and resources.

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