Unleash the power of AR in gaming! Experience immersive gameplay that blurs the line between digital and physical worlds, using your surroundings as the game environment.

AR Gaming

Experience the magic of innovative AR, where the epic gameplay happens around, creating immersive and exhilarating adventure for gamers.

We bring

New gaming experience

Immersive in-game AR

Real-world exploration

Dynamic game environments

Innovative game mechanics

Increased engagement


Utilizing GPS technology encourages players to discover new places, where they explore, collect, and engage with digital elements tied to specific geo-based scenarios.

Black Snow features

High-quality graphics

Location based interactions

Seamless map to AR

Openness to blockchain

Black Snow AR: Alien Shooter

Embark on an epic Sci-Fi adventure in our free-to-play mobile game, powered by immersive AR technology. Battle alien invaders, command your space fleet, and own, trade resources in a semi-open economy. Experience gaming like never before with our ultimate blend of gameplay and reality!

Boost your location

Create the perfect immersive experience with our comprehensive tools and resources.

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