MOE Playground rules

MOE Playground turns your visit to the mall into a game! You walk around on the ground floor, locate and play AR experiences on the mall indoor map and collect points. Once you collect 20’000 points or more, you can get an instant prize from the mall. Top 3 players of the day win special prizes from the mall!

To start the game, get your personal activation code at the customer desk of the mall. When you enter the code you get into the game to play for one day competing with the other players.

Once you start the game, you instantly get into all-time immersive AR, where the map of the mall is seamlessly combined with AR view. The map also rotates automatically to align with your eyesight.

Hold the phone horizontally (as for texting) to see the mall map with multiple AR experiences located across the ground floor. You are automatically guided from one play spot to another, however you also can tap and select any spot beyond the activation radius.

Each play spot reveals an AR experience — a mini-game to play and collect points. As you approach a play spot while looking at the map, it gets highlighted and ready for activation — tilt the phone up for AR (as for making a photo) and a mini-game activates. If you are already keeping the phone upright when approaching a play spot, the mini-game activates seamlessly.

Once you played a mini game on a play spot (e.g. AR trivia question answered, AR coin revealed and collected), it disappears from the map. More experiences are spawned on the map over some time.

You can play the game only in the mall premises. However, you can always see the real-time leaderboard status. You can exit the app, restart the app and resume your game any time during the day.

The next day when starting the app you can check the final leaderboard and see whether you got it to the top!

Enjoyed the ride? Get another activation code, play more and win!


Apple, inc. (“Apple”) is not a sponsor nor is involved in any activity and in any manner with this App.