War never changes. 

It only becomes

more bloody and brutal1

100% of purchases will go to Ukrainian Army

At 3.40AM on February 24 many of us in the Black Snow team awakened with the sounds of artillery explosions as Russia started an unwarranted full-scale war of aggression against Ukraine. It has now been over a month and our homes, hospitals, schools and people are under constant attack. Our team remains in Ukraine, advancing our state-of-the art AR technology and helping those affected by the war and the Ukrainian army as best we can.

We have just released a special version of the Black Snow game where 100% of purchases will be transferred to the Ukrainian Army fund. Destroy alien invaders and their Z crafts in the game and help the Ukrainian Army do the same in the real world. It is a simple and fast way to help.

The player’s fleet is now in the colors of the Ukrainian flag and we have introduced a unique Ukrainian “password” to identify aliens. “Palyanytisa,” a Ukrainian bread, became famous, because aliens cannot pronounce this word. The word got on the pages of New York Times. In the game, players can buy different-sized Palyanytisas to send their support to the Ukrainian Army.

It’s time to save the world from the Z force invaders!


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#StopRussianAggresion #StandWithUkraine #StopWarinUkraine


1 Origin: American Neutrality Policy: Hearings on Present Neutrality Law (public Res. No. 27) April 11 – May 2, 1939