From the very beginning, Black Snow idea is to bring full cinematic immersion to mobile in AR — you feel like you are in an epic movie, which is happening around the physical, virtual or imaginary locations.

You can play when your visible game area extends across large distances, like couple of miles around you, with multiple players. To make this possible we seamlessly combine Augmented Reality and live map. It feels like having the world at your fingertips.

With the latest Black Snow Platform advancement we added close range and ground-based gameplay scenarios with full support of ARCore and ARKit leveraging their computer vision capacities.

The render system received a major overhaul to improve AR playability outdoors with crisper and brighter visuals along with advanced transparency effects.

Going further, we aim to unleash the full promise of Augmented Reality. The way we use the technology enables to bring the whole new generation of games and digital entertainment on mobile and wearables.